Giving feels good. Donate and receive a complimentary TONIC15 mini

Despite the uncertainties and challenges we’ve faced; we’ve experienced rapid growth this year – thanks to the love and support of you and the rest of this beautiful community.

As a way for us to give back and stand true to the values that TONIC15 is built on, we’ve decided to launch Project Care.

As you probably well know, there are two things that really matter to us:

  • Sustainability and the environment: the beauty industry is by no means perfect when it comes to sustainability, but we believe that we need to do our best to raise awareness, improve and make an impact.
  • Diversity and inclusion: we want to help create inclusive spaces and societies by providing opportunities in education and beyond for underrepresented groups.

While we believe that donating isn’t the only thing we can do to bring about change, it is a brilliant way to raise awareness, support these causes and make an impact as a small, burgeoning business. And as we grow, we will continue to seek out ways to make a bigger impact.

We are cautious when we donate, and spend time and energy researching to ensure our funds will be used for the right causes.

Our brands happily stand with us and share these values. They are all part of Project Care and have sponsored our mini initiative – offering you the opportunity to get something back when you give.

To take part, please choose one cause and make a donation on or before 15th August when you are making an order with us. If you donate over £3, you will receive a mini of your choice – a great way to test products before committing to a full-size.

TONIC15 Project Care Charities

 As mentioned, we’ve carefully read, researched and spent time decide which charities to support as part of our steps towards a more sustainable and inclusive industry.

World Wildlife Fund

A charity which helps people and nature thrive, the WWF works with local communities to conserve the natural resources they depend on. From creating a climate-resilient and zero-carbon world powered by renewable energy to protecting the world’s most important species, WWF works hard to reduce the most pressing threat to the diversity of life on earth.

Generating Genius

In line with our dream of a diverse and inclusive society, this charity aims to change the world by supercharging young minds to help them realise their potential. Working for 15 years, the charity has helped talented and able students from BAME backgrounds position themselves to excel in STEM careers. Not only do they support students over long periods of time, but they combine academic and professional engagement to inspire, motivate and most importantly empower their students.


We’ve been heartbroken to learn about the devastating explosion in Beirut, where many people have lost their lives, their family and friends, their homes or have been left injured. Our heart goes out to our friends in Lebanon who have been impacted.

We’ve made a donation to Impact Lebanon's Disaster Relief For Beirut Explosion and also wanted to support The Lebanese Food Bank through Project Care.

The blast in Beirut destroyed grain silos that contained around 85% of the country’s supply. Up to 80% of the country’s food is important, most of it via the port which was destroyed by the explosion.

Food prices had already increased by up to 80% due to the country’s economic crisis and now the explosion has exacerbated these issues and many feat that people who were living in food-scarce households will struggle. Even before the blast, the World Food Programme estimated that 49% of Lebanese people were “worried about access to food.”

The damage at the port as put Lebanon in a critical position but there are ways to help. The Lebanese Food Bank runs feeding programmes that distribute dry food parcels and collect food donations from hotels and restaurants to redistribute it to those who need them.

Thank you, as always, for supporting us and being a part of this. What might seem like a small step for each of us can set about huge change.