| Conduct Research
We use our established research panel in Korea of dermatologists to support with searching for new products. We have an extensive network in Korean beauty, including spas, dermatologists and beauty experts. We closely monitor any developments within the beauty industry to ensure that we are at the forefront in our search for the best brands to test.

| Test Formulas
We assess all of our manufacturers to ensure that their ethos and production methods are in line with our ethos and meet EU regulation. When we find an interesting brand, we spend time learning all about the product range, philosophy, formulas and go in search of customer reviews.

| Setup Meetings
It's important that we meet with the teams behind each brand to check if they are committed to delivering quality products that align with our ethos and comply with EU regulations for cosmetic products.

| Testing Process
We begin in-house testing for a full skincare cycle of 28 days to learn about the product. We also work with a consumer testing panel to ensure that all skin types and skin concerns are tested to provide feedback on its effectiveness.

| Product Feedback
We share all feedback on a continuous basis to ensure that brands can continue to improve their products.