I'M FROM Rice Toner 150ml

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From dry, dull and irritated skin to blemish-prone complexions, this standout toner works for all skin types. It’s made from organic rice that’s grown free from pesticides and the benefits are visible on your skin. Not only does it gently get rid of skin impurities and excess oils but it effectively rebalances and instantly rejuvenates skin at the same time. What’s more, rice extract is great for brightening and evening out any dark patches. Layered into skin it’s thoroughly hydrating too. You’ll see a balanced, radiant, smooth canvas from the first application.


  • Organic rice to create radiant and moisturised skin
  • Gamma Oryzanol to brighten a dull complexion


If you want good glow while keeping breakouts at bay this toner is for you. We love how it whisks away excess oil and impurities but still adds essential moisture to out-of-balance skin. Think clearer, more hydrated skin in minutes.

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