At TONIC15, we embrace diversity and inclusion as we firmly believe that these are what make our culture richer and provide us with new perspectives.

We do not and will never tolerate any words or acts of racism or discrimination, and we will stand up and fight in the battle against the forces of societal and systemic injustice.

We are committed to continuously push forward on inclusion and diversity to empower and support those who face discrimination and often have to work twice as hard for the same things as other people. TONIC15 is a safe place that values and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and talents as they are and where you can find an equal opportunity to grow regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture and background.

Our Goal
We want to help make the beauty industry a more diverse and inclusive opportunity and as such, will enable equal access to every opportunity we create. An individual’s talent and uniqueness will be valued.

This is how we plan to achieve this. 

  1. Workforce: We will create a work environment that is diverse, welcoming and inclusive where everyone has equal opportunities to grow, learn and have their voice heard.
    • As we are a small company, while we cannot currently create as many jobs as we would like to, we will do our best to create opportunities for BIPOC through our internship programme. We are aiming to hire two interns per year to mentor and equip with the experience and skillset for the career they would like to pursue. And of course, if we have any job openings, they will be considered to move to full-time based on their performance. 
  1. Content: The images and content that we are creating across our website and social media – and all the other content we create – will be inclusive and representative of the diversity reflected within society.
    • We acknowledge and understand that every race and ethnicity has different skin types and concerns, and we will make sure that we create content that addresses each and every group.
  1. Engagement: We make sure that we work with influencers from diverse backgrounds, so that we can provide more information tailored to each community through our work with these content creators.
    • By working with content creators from a diverse pool of people, not only will we help minority influencers to grow their platforms and have more presence in the beauty community, we will be representing every part of society so that our audience can see themselves reflected in what we do.

We are definitely not perfect, and we are still learning. However, we promise to continuously challenge ourselves and fight to find ways to champion diversity and equality. We see this as an on-going issue that we will and must continuously address.

We would also love to hear what you think we could be doing better. If you have any suggestions or ideas for how we can help, please share them via