Spotlight on Aromatica

Spotlight on AROMATICA: The K-beauty brand leading the way in sustainable skincare

Spotlight on AROMATICA: The K-beauty brand leading the way in sustainable skincare

There’s a K-Beauty brand going above and beyond in the beauty sphere. Cue AROMATICA the pioneer of vegan, sustainable and conscious skincare that everyone wants to get their hands on. Here’s why the brand is hot right now.


AROMATICA skincare products are the ones you reach for with confidence to kickstart your day. Natural, gentle and deeply nourishing, the range is both kind-to-skin and powerful. Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin), the brand use high quality natural materials to create their products, which are all sourced sustainably. So if your skin is in need of some TLC and you want to shop with the planet in mind, you’ve officially found your beauty match.  



With an ethos of saving the skin and the planet, it’s no wonder AROMATICA have become champions of recycling. The first beauty company to adopt 100% recyclable packaging and reduce 81 tons of it, their sustainability stance is second-to-none. Each bottle is made with recycled glass or 100% post-consumer recycled plastic with water-soluble labels, so they can be easily removed when you recycle. If you thought it couldn’t get any more inspiring, in 2020 AROMATICA saved 70.3 tons in total carbon footprint – the equivalent to 1,369,947 takeaway plastic cups.



It’s not just AROMATICA’s products that are planet-conscious – the people that work for the brand are too. AROMATICA are proud to live and breathe their sustainability pledge, which starts at their office and factory. A unique working culture, they use natural sunlight and energy efficient lights, machines that minimise the use of paper and even have electric company cars. What’s more, their exclusive manufacturing facility means they can take full control of each step, from research to packaging. Impressive, huh? Welcome to the future of sustainable skincare brands.



Renowned for using natural ingredients formulated from 100% pure essential oils and botanical extractions, AROMATICA source their raw materials from around the world. From Australian tea tree to Indian sandalwood and Bulgarian rose to Italian citrus oils, their blends expertly tackle skincare concerns. And you’ll just have to indulge in AROMATICA skincare to experience how refreshing and uplifting these ingredients really smell.


Ready, set, skincare! Here are the most talked about AROMATICA skincare products to treat yourself to…

A thick, sherbet-texture cleanser you can use every day? Yes, please! Suitable for all skin types, this effectively removes makeup and tackles any impurities on its way, too. You can thank the orange peel extract for balancing your skin’s oil production, which smells zesty and fresh.

A best-seller of the range, this aloe vera gel soothes and calms sun-damaged skin, so it’s the perfect pick for an after sun lotion (for face and body). Try it as a hair mask too for a quick hydration boost. We love it for its intensely moisturising, fast-absorbing formula. A must-have in the summer months.

Dandruff or sensitive scalp? Grab this. It gently removes dead skin cells and strengthens hair from the roots with Vitamin B7, whilst oozing a refreshing rosemary scent. Divine!

Pamper yourself with this mineral-rich dead sea salt scrub to deeply cleanse the scalp. Intensely enriching, it features a herbal concoction of coriander, oregano, rosemary and basil to restore balance for sensitive, oily and irritated scalps.

Tea tree oil works wonders for your skin, so if you’re ready to see it in action, choose this luscious foaming cleanser. It removes daily impurities, oil and makeup for a refreshed complexion, so you can start the day with a clean, pure base.

Say hello to soft, supple skin with this gentle toner. The organic blend of rose essential oil and rose water helps boost hydration levels and lock in moisture, leaving you with a dewy glow. Watch as it infuses moisture into your skin – you’ll be hooked

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