Behind the brand: May Coop

We’re thrilled to announce that we have another new brand joining the exclusive shelves at TONIC15. Fresh from a recent trip to Korea to discover some of the latest brands lacking overseas, we’re bringing cult k-beauty favourite May Coop over to the UK; the brand uniquely utilises maple tree sap as their hero ingredient across the products.


Who is May Coop?

May Coop, originally a beauty research company, created their curated line of skincare all based around the uniquely effective ingmaple tree sap. The ingredient works so well because of its relatively small molecular size, which allows for faster absorption into the skin. Harvested at the height of spring, this maple tree sap is the key to achieving next-level, hydrated and supple skin no matter the season. Packaged in clean, frosted glass with accented tree rings and raw wooden toned cap and box, May Coop has done a wonderful job of reflecting their natural origin.

A new K-beauty essence

Known for being a transformative skincare staple throughout Asia, Tonic15 is now proud to present one of May Coop’s bestsellers - Raw Sauce. A mysterious name, to say the least, the ‘raw’ qualities of this triple threat derive from its natural ingredients, consisting of 93% maple tree sap, eco-certified fructan powder and Asian-sourced herbal and fruit extracts. An essence, toner and emulsion, this powerhouse is a one-stop-shop for those in search of the ‘the one’.

A moisturiser for day and night

An outstanding moisturiser that works harmoniously with Raw Sauce or as a one-man-act, May Coop’s Raw Moisturiser is perfect for softening skin and locking in some serious moisture. The brand’s key maple tree sap combined with aloe, baobab tree and cactus extracts, makes for a light yet highly nourishing cream that works for both day and night use.

In the mood to treat yourself to the best that May Coop has to offer? Get your hands on the May Coop Raw Sauce & Moisturiser Set (£38) from TONIC15.

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