Introducing Beaudiani Skincare

At TONIC15, we love discovering new K-beauty brands so that we can share with you. Our latest discovery to take pride of place on our shelves? Environmentally-conscious natural brand, Beaudiani (beau = beautiful + diani = deer). What makes Beaudiani so noteworthy is that the brand takes it origins from nature to craft results-driven formulations whilst not relying on harsh ingredients. To introduce you to the brand we’re talking through the three products not to be missed from Beaudiani.

Why you need a Korean beauty mist

At TONIC15 we believe that a mist is one of the important steps in a Korean Beauty skincare regime. They’re fantastic for refreshing the skin as well as maintaining skin’s moisture so your complexion is hydrated and plump. Used at any time throughout the day, including over makeup, a beauty mist is a definite dullness-banisher. Beaudiani offers two divinely scented mists; Damask Rose is formulated for oilier skin types whilst Neroli is for dry skin. Both mists utilise aromatherapy to provide a beneficial effect for both the skin and the senses by relieving stress and soothing the mind. To use, spritz an even amount over skin whenever needed. The soothing mist results in a brighter and clearer skin tone with prolonged use.

Adding Hydration Back Into The Skin

Using a toner is one the quickest and easiest ways to add some hydration back into the skin. For those already in the know, the Moist 01 Toner is bound to be your new go-to. Perfect for sweeping over skin using a cotton pad or by directly pressing into skin using the hands, this toner is a big drink of water for the skin. Suitable for all skin types, the Moist 01 Toner imparts a veil of moisture on the skin, leaving a delicate and dewy finish. Used before serums, it aids absorption of subsequent skincare products.

Lastly from Beaudiani the Skincare Pads are destined to become a new skincare essential. The ultra-thin skincare pads do not absorb product which means they deliver maximum hydration the skin; using 50% less product for better results. We love to use them as a toner mask by soaking them in the Moist 01 Toner, leaving them in a fridge for a few minutes before placing on skin for incredible hydration.

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