Cephy is a Filipina who currently lives in Cardiff. Her husband jokes that she has the human version of small-dog-syndrome. Her hobbies include napping and browsing expensive houses for sale that she can only DREAM about buying (during said naps). Her Instagram handle @cosmeticaddictions started off as a bit of a joke but very rapidly became a reality...and problem for her bank account, she tells us. Her first few memories of using skincare come from when she was a child. She vividly remembers being put into an MMA-worthy chokehold by her mother who would haphazardly slather SPF on my face as she tried to wriggle out of her grip to go play outside. She first got into K-skincare when she stumbled across the Wishtrend YouTube channel. She loves that the ethos of K beauty is centred around finding your skin’s natural balance rather than stripping everything away from it. Her skin’s health has been so much better since she’s adopted that mentality into her own routines.


Cephy's Favourites