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Formulated with 100% mugwort extract harvest from Ganghwa County in Korea this Mugwort Essence harnesses Mugwort's natural detoxifying properties, in Korea it is used in a similar way to Tea Tree Oil. It treats skin problems and creates a clear and glowing complexion in just five minutes.

SUITABLE FOR All skin types

  • Mugwort rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to restore, soothe, and detoxify the skin

This watery yet slightly viscous essence is ideal for 7 skin method. This simple essence is ideal for irritated skin, and it absorbs quickly and leaves skin smooth and hydrated.

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Victoria S.
United Kingdom
  • What is your skin type? Combination
  • What are you skin concerns? Blemishes
  • What is your age? 35-44


Mugwort is my favourite ingredient ever and so helps my hormonal ache! It is so soothing on my skin and 100% mugwort so it doesn’t get any better!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • What is your age? Under 25
  • What are you skin concerns? BlemishesSensitive skinDullnessRedness
  • What is your skin type? Combination


This essence has been a game changer in my skincare routine! I have post inflammatory erythema and it has been incredibly difficult to find products that could help calm it down. Alongside this product and the Isntree green tea toner, my skin has significantly improved. It also has a mild earthy smell which I love and it's not strong at all - you do get used to it pretty quickly. I've gone through about 4-5 bottles of this product and I'm about to order 2 more!

Hannah L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • What is your age? 35-44
  • What are you skin concerns? BlemishesSensitive skinPoresDullnessRedness
  • What is your skin type? Combination

New Favourite

I've got very sensitive (atopic), reactive skin prone to more or less constant redness (probably Rosacea) that's also lately struggling with blemishes and spots in a hormonal cycle, and easily gets inflamed. On top of all that I was coming through a winter where my skin was completely in lack of moisture from cold weather and dry inside air, - I had probably really damaged my skin barrier trying to figure all of these skin issues out. I decided to pretty much pair back on most of the things I was doing and at the same time I had luckily read about Mugwort and it really seemed to suit my skin's needs. I first ordered the travel / test size of the Mugwort Essence having gone wrong with so many products at this point. I wouldn't have needed to worry. Within just a few days of (also now only cleansing at night with a very mild cleanser {and in the morning only splashing with water!}) introducing the Mugwort Essence my skin was instantly calmed down and felt so much more comfortable, even from the very first use. Within a week I woke up with silky feeling and calm skin that was no longer over-reacting (damaged skin barrier?) with being super greasy every morning (and breaking out) only to then go paper dry and taut after cleansing. I even noticed a reduction on some eczema I've had on some fingers (as I drip the Mugwort Essence into my hand and then pat it into my face it also gets on my hands and I then rub the excess into my hands, is the only reason I can see, as I had been struggling to get rid of that eczema for weeks before). I still get blemishes every now and then, but all in all it's very clear to me that Mugwort Essence is calming irritations in general and balances my skin beautifully. There's a reduction in redness after putting it on. I now use religiously every morning and evening and will continue to do so. Being the epitome of a pure product (100% Mugwort, so impressive) I also felt safe to try it on my son's face (he is 6) as he had some dry, red patches around his mouth from the cold and having sensitive skin, and it works the same way on him. Calming and gets rid of the eczema / reaction. I find the slightly earthy / herbal scent to be lovely (and if you don't is subsides almost immediately). There is no tackiness after applying the essence (no matter if i just quickly kind of swipe one layer of it over my face with my hands, or if i pat in two layers ), it sinks in and leaves my skin very comfortable, and glowy & plump looking. I've not experienced it causing any pilling or such under make up either. It's even had my rethink my make up routine, not wanting to cover that up. I genuinely love this product. (I additionally think it's great that the essence comes in both a travel size {that lasted me about 1,5 weeks} recyclable plastic bottle and the lovely, heavy and sturdy glass bottle. That way I can have both at home and only bring the lighter one when going somewhere.)

Sam M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • What is your age? 35-44
  • What are you skin concerns? AgingBlemishesSensitive skinDark spotsPoresDullnessUneven skin toneSun damage
  • What is your skin type? Dry

Amazing stuff!

It’s the best thing I have bought. I am on obagi and this is the calmest, nourishing, luxurious product ever! I am in love with it! My first purchase from tonic 15 and I am impressed!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • What is your skin type? Combination
  • What are you skin concerns? Dullness
  • What is your age? Prefer not to say


This has a nice texture and a pleasant smell to begin with. Gives a good hydration to the skin but I’m not sure it did anything else.

Artemisia Princeps Extract

1) After cleansing, prep the skin with the toner.
2) Dispense an appropriate amount of the essence and gently pat over the face to promote absorption, starting with the most sensitive areas.

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