Shereen lives in London with her two fur babies Patch and Mia, and works in book publishing. She started @thewayofthesnail as a way to express a newly-formed love of skincare (particularly Korean beauty), share her skincare journey and get to know like-minded skinthusiasts in the community. She entered the skincare game pretty late after 'years of terrible habits' and her current routine is focused trying to repair and protect her skin, as well ensuring that she takes some time each day to focus on herself. ‘I find it so therapeutic and self indulgent, in the best way’ says Shereen.

She believes that Korean skincare in particular has played a major role getting her skin to a healthier and more resilient place and will forever have a place in her routine due to incredible quality and innovation coming out Korea all the time and exciting new brands and ingredients to be discovered. Outside of skincare and social media, her obsessions include her beautiful niece Naya, film, and dreaming about future travel destinations.


Shereen's Favourites