The secret to healthy skin during Ramadan

From moisturising mists to lightweight lotions, TONIC15 founder Jin Kwon shares her secrets for complexion care during the holy month

Ramadan Skin

Plump, healthy and hydrated are the qualities we ALL want our skin to have – after all, a glowing complexion is the benchmark of really great skin – but as fasting means no water consumption during the day and less sleep as breakfast takes place before dawn, skin’s radiance can reduce during Ramadan.

And while the holy month might put our dewy skin goals on hold as life slows to allow for prayers and quiet contemplation, there are ways to keep your moisture levels elevated and your complexion cared for.

With many Muslim women saying their skin looks and feels tired as a result of getting up early for Sehri before sunrise (the pre-fast meal) and blemishes a more likely occurrence as there’s less water in the body to flush out impurities, we asked out founder Jin Kwon to share her top skincare tips.

From efficient exfoliation to hydrating moisture mists you simply spritz onto skin and of course cooling eye patches that give an immediate vit hit, here are the top TONIC15 tips for keeping your skin radiant during Ramadan. 


Exfoliation is the answer

It might seem counterintuitive when we’re talking about low moisture levels to go straight to sloughing off dead skin cells, but TONIC15 founder Jin Kwon swears by a scrub as the first step to restoring moisture levels in skin. ‘Buffing away dead skin cells will prep and prime the skin, allowing all of the actives in your regime to really treat the skin,’ she says.

‘The secret is to go for a gentle exfoliator formulated with natural, nourishing ingredients that will delicately exfoliate skin,’ she adds. Try the I’m From Fig Scrub Mask which is powered by Black Sugar and Fig to gently unveil a luminous complexion. 


Enriched with hydrating Prickly Pear Seed Oil (remember, skin needs all the moisture it can get during Ramadan) The Huxley Scrub Mask Sweet Therapy is another great pick. Formulated with natural exfoliants such as loofah, white sugars and ground walnut shells, it offers a natural way to smooth and clear away impurities.


A kind-to-skin cleanse

When skin feels depleted and the calorific foods eaten for Iftar are starting to take their toll, it’s time to strip back your skincare and focus on nourishing and gentle formulas.

‘If you usually use an AHA or BHA cleanser, switch it out for something a little softer,’ advises Jin. ‘With a pH of 5.5 the Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser has an air-light feel and is formulated with 61% organic fruit water to gently whisk away daily dirt without stripping skin of moisture.’

If you prefer the moisturising qualities of a cleansing oil, Aromatica Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil helps to dissolve daily dirt using just 12 plant-derived ingredients. Its natural plant oils also help to form a natural and protective layer on skin to soften and moisturise throughout the day making it a perfect pick for Ramadan.

An essence is the answer

‘If you’re looking for an effective moisture boost, take your cue from the new K-beauty seven-skin method and add moisture in layers with an essence,’ suggests Jin. ‘This really helps to hydrate and support the skin’s barrier when it is losing more moisture than usual.’

After cleansing, simply soak a cotton pad in the Make P:rem Chaga Concentrate Essence, allow it to sink in for a minute or two and then repeat the step up to seven times. Enriched with a high concentration of antioxidant rich Chaga mushrooms, it affectively moisturises, softens and nourishes skin.

Make the most of mists  

As Ramadan calls for extra cleansing and some of us finding ourselves washing our faces up to five times a day, why not keep a moisturising mist close by? ‘Mists can be applied onto bare skin throughout the day to hydrate without adding a heavy layer to skin,’ explains Jin.

The Beaduiani Facial Mist is available in a Rose or Neroli and adds much-needed moisture to skin and also feature mood-boosting aromatic fragrances to revive the senses when you feel low during your fast.

The Sioris Time is Running Out Mist makes another great way to moisturise during the holy month. Formulated with 78% Organic Fruit Water it delivers a hydrating vit hit straight to skin. Simply spritz it on whenever skin feels thirsty. 


Nourish the under-eye area

If you’ve found your sleeping habits out of sorts as Iftar pushes back bedtime, it’ll pay to give the under-eye area a little more love during this time. As the area can be one of the first spots to show signs of dehydration and of course tiredness, skin can often become sunken and sallow.


‘Ingredients to look out for in your eye care include revitalizing green tea, antioxidants and hydration hero hyaluronic acid,’ says Jin. ‘You’ll find them all in the Jajyun Green Tea Eye Gel Patches which can be used every day.  like to keep my pot in the fridge, it really helps to enhance the cooling, relaxing sensation when they’re applied.’ 

aromatica rose absolute eye cream

If you prefer the texture of an eye cream, the Aromatica Rose Absolute Eye Cream formulated with 100% Ecocert-approved natural ingredients and includes an ingredient that inhibits melanin to prevent the dark circles that can occur when you’re getting less sleep.


Hydration stations

A lack of moisture in the body shows on the skin, so you’ll want to give skin a healthy hit of hydration at least twice a day. The key is to look for hydrating formulations that aren’t too absorbent so that they nourish and cosset skin throughout the day,’ says Jin. 


Formulated with 95% Organic Aloe Vera, this Aqua Cream from Aromatica is the answer. Providing intensive natural moisture to skin it leaves your complexion looking soft, supple and cared-for. The Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E mask has a comforting pudding-like texture that transforms into a rich essence and locks-in moisture for up to eight hours.


If you want something with a cooling and comforting feel, the Make P:rem Cicapro Refresh Light Cream gets to work at soothing and de-stressing skin thanks to being formulated with moisture must-have Glycerine and Bamboo Water. With its lightweight texture, it’s also a great way to keep oil-prone teenage skin in check.


Give your body a little love

It’s not just the skin on your face that can show signs of depleted moisture levels, as legs are prone to dehydration and flakiness during this time, your body needs a little more love too.  


After your shower or bath, massage in the Huxley Body Oil ; Moroccan Gardener. Lightweight and non-greasy it’s laced with rich Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil to replenish and rehydrated skin. If you prefer a buttery cream-like texture, try the brand’s Body Lotion. It counts Sage Leaf Extract, Olive Oil and Black Currant Seed Oil to see off flaky skin.

* * *

Ramadan doesn’t have to spell dry or tired-looking skin. If you add vitamin-rich creams and moisturising mists to your regime, you can keep skin looking and feeling its best. As always, if you need any advice or have a skincare question you’d like answered, do email Jin and the team at

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