Who better to tell you all about TONIC15 than the brains behind the brand, Jin Kwon

In a world of busy schedules, big ambition and a focus on productivity, it can feel guilt-inducing to take a moment or two for yourself - but that’s exactly what founder Jin Kwon encourages us all to with the birth of TONIC15.

Where did the name TONIC15 from?
It’s really all about a lifestyle approach. Whenever I was studying or working, I became completely consumed by what I was doing and end up burnt out, tired and mentally drained. I just sat down one day and thought, do I really not have any time to rest? 

I started taking 15 minutes out of my day to take care of myself. I used the time to do face masks not just to take care of my skin, but also to relax and unwind. Doing this has made a huge difference to how I feel, so that’s where TONIC15 comes from – my endeavour to share this 15-minute approach with other people.

Where did your own interest in skin start?
I was really young! My mum always took really good care of her skin and I think I naturally picked up a lot of her good habits. In middle school, I had acne and a lot of other skin problems, so I got really interested in skincare and the different products that can be used to take care of our skin.  When I found a would share these products with my friends who were also going through the same thing and they loved my recommendations. It sort of started from there!

What’s your current 15-minute regime like?
It’s constantly changing based on the season, my health, my skin’s condition, and I do have to do a lot of testing! Interestingly, for me, my regime gets influenced by my mental condition too - when I’m in a good mood, I tend to be more consistent with masking, and when I am going through a rough patch, my skincare gets simpler. Is it just me?

At the moment, my 15-minute home spa routine starts with the Aromatica Rosemary Sea Salt Scalp Scrub, which deeply cleanses and leaves the scalp feeling so refreshed! For exfoliating, I use either the Make P:rem's Peeling Gel for a physical exfoliation or the By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid for a chemical one. On the days that I exfoliate, I do tend to do masking at the end of the routine as it’s more effective. On dry skin days, I like doing I’m From Honey Mask, and on a special day or when my skin is super sensitive, I like doing Franz sheet mask with micro-current delivery system. Then, on a lazy, I usually end with Huxley Sleep Mask.

If you could only recommend three products to from Tonic 15, what would they be?
This question is always really difficult to answer as there are so many that I love. I would definitely recommend the Make P:rem Cleansing Foam – it’s pure goodness! This simple and mild cleanser leaves skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated at the same time. One of my staple products. I like the new Klairs Fundamental Ampoule Mist, which is like two products in one – sadly, I just finished mine. It works great when my skin feels dehydrated and sensitive. I’d also recommend the by Wishtrend Vitamin C serum, especially if you have dark marks or acne scars. If you're looking for a Vitamin C serum that does not feel sticky yet works so well, this is definitely the one.

What’s next for TONIC15?
I’m currently looking into creating some more lifestyle content around living a more balanced life. There a few other exciting things that I’m working on but I’ll have to keep them a secret (for now).

I want to continue sharing beauty products that TONIC15 customers will love and introduce some new exciting brands from Korea. I hope I can keep creating these 15 minutes for people who are busy, tired and in need of some me-time.

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