How to party-proof your skin 

From creating a blank canvas for your base to a transformative end-of-night double cleanse, the secret to great makeup lies with the TONIC15 pre and post-party skincare regime.

Pre-party skin prep

Party Makeup Prep

While Christmas festivities give us permission to experiment more with our makeup, great skin starts well before you so much as open a tube of primer. In fact, a simple but effective party season skincare regime can really maximise your makeup, helping to boost the glow-giving benefits of bronzer and making your base appear as though airbrushed on. 


Step 1: Part of the TONIC15's Holiday Party Prep kit (so effective our founder Jin Kwon swears by it for special days), the By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prp Water is a clever cocktail of Mandelic Acid, Panthenol, Centella Asiatica Extract and Beta-Glucan. Gentle, hydrating and non-irritating, smooth it over freshly-cleansed skin, using a cotton pad, to help exfoliate, improve skin’s texture and provide a smooth base for makeup. It also prepares your complexion for any subsequent skincare steps.  


Step 2: Next, apply the two-step skin rejuvenating Franz Microcurrent Dual Mask System. The first layer contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid and peptides to intensively replenish the skin, while the second layer is placed on top of the first to activate the micro-currents of the mask, allowing the ingredients to penetrate deep beneath the skin surface. Leave for 20 minutes to really moisturise, nourish and soften skin. 

Huxley Oil Essence; Essence-Like, Oil-Like 30ml

Step 3: To create perfectly plumped, smooth skin that’s ready for makeup, make Huxley’s Oil Essence Essence-Like Oil Like your pre-party hydrator. Worked in with fingertips as your final skincare step before your base, the lightweight oil – infused with Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Cactus Extract – brightens and hydrates skin making your makeup look smoother. 


The after party

We all know that the number one party season skin sin is sleeping in your makeup, but inefficient cleansing comes a close second. While the lure of a good night’s sleep looms large, there’s no excuse not to stick to a quick regime to keep your complexion clear and reap the skin-renewal effects that happen while we sleep. 

Dr. Ceuracle Pro-Balance Pure Cleansing Oil

Step 1: Firstly, melt away even the most stubborn makeup with Dr. Ceuracle Pro-balance Pure Cleansing Oil. The Probiotics in this formula promote healthy skin barrier function while Phyto G.Fer-kefir balances bacteria levels to prevent blemishes and inflammation. 

Make P:Rem Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam 150ml

Step 2: Then, lather up and rinse with Make P:rem Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam to remove any residue and impurities without dehydrating and irritating the skin. The second cleanse is the key to keeping bacteria at bay, as well as preparing skin for your essences and serums. 


Step 3: Treating skin to a hit of hydration is the last pre-bed step. Massage Sioris You Look So Young Night Cream in with fingertips – it’s infused with epic ingredients known for their remarkable soothing, moisturising and skin-regenerative properties, including Tamanu Oil, Green Tea, and Centella Asiatica, and jam-packed with antioxidants to help shield skin from stressors and keep it calm when you’re wearing more makeup than normal. 

The morning after the night before

Alcohol has an incredibly dehydrating effect on skin, while salty canapes can leave you looking puffy, making the next morning the perfect time for a moisture and vitamin boost. 

Mugwort Essence

Step 1: First up, massage I'm From Mugwort Essence into cleansed skin. A sort of rescue remedy for partied-out complexions, it’s formulated with 100% mugwort extract to help detoxify, soothe and hydrate the skin. 

Beaudiani Aromatherapy Mask

Step 2: If your hangover has kicked in, a sheet mask is the answer. Beaudiani Aroma Mask Mandarin & Sweet Orange not only contains mandarin, essential oils and hyaluronic acid to reboot skin, it has a mood-boosting mandarin and sweet orange scent designed to soothe your sore head and give you a sense of tranquillity.

Dear Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

Step 3: If you didn’t get enough sleep, chances are it’ll show around your eyes with puffiness and fine lines the most common complaints. Depuff and smooth by patting Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel around the eyes with your ring finger. It has a beauty-boosting blend of caffeine and red bean extract to leave you looking wide awake. 

Party season doesn’t mean a compromised complexion – this minimalist and targeted regime, will keep your skin as glowy and radiant throughout the festive season, well into the new year. 

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