How TONIC15 can help maintain your self-care routine during difficult times

In these uncertain times, maintaining a structured self-care regime can go a long way to establishing a sense of calm and soothing a stress-wrought mind

TONIC15 was started with the aim of bringing about positive changes in people’s lives, boosting energy levels and keeping the mind clear through the art of a simple 15-minute self-care routine. The name came from the ‘Jin & TONIC’ moniker our founder Jin’s friends gave her, while the ‘15’ stems from the amount of time we believe we can all realistically spend on self-care in the midst of our busy lives, stress and undulating emotional states.

We’re going through an extraordinary and challenging time at present – it’s something that we’ve never experienced before – and with social distancing and self-isolation, it can be even more challenging to maintain a healthy balance and care for yourself. We want to help you keep up your routine, and if you feel lost, we want to give you the little kick that you might need to continue or maintain positive habits.

To help you soothe your mind and care for your skin, we’re implementing a few things we thought might help during these uncertain times. We hope they help to keep your spirits lifted during this time at home… 

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An online pamper party
Pamper Party

If you’re feeling down, low, stressed, worried or uncertain, we’re holding live pampering sessions to encourage you to carve out some me-time and take care of yourself by doing a face mask. Join our founder Jin live on IG at 8pm this coming Tuesday, 24th March @_tonic15 and switch off from all of the noise for at least a little while.

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Little gifts mean a lot

When times are tough, even the smallest gesture can bring a smile to your face which is why we’re offering three gifts with purchase to help you kick-start or maintain your self-care regime. We hope they go some way to making you feel a sense of calm during these difficult times…

A hand healing hero: FREE Love Edelis Hand Mask on orders over £30

When times are tough and your hands are feeling dehydrated from being washed several times a day, even the smallest indulgence can be enough to boost your mood. That’s why we’re packing a free Love Edelis Hand Mask (worth £6) with every order over £30. If hand washing has stripped your skin of moisture, these mask not only boost hydration levels, but you can use them with a mobile phone or laptop – as our wonderful friend @delicately suggested – so you can work while taking care of yourself at the same time. They’re perfect for giving that pampered feeling without disrupting your daily routine.

An everyday face wash: FREE Make P:rem Cleanser on orders over £70

If you’re feeling down and lacking motivation, maintaining the very first step of a skincare regime can be enough to kick-start your self-care and put a spring back in your step. If your order is over £70, we’ll give you a free Make P:rem Cleanser. A staple of our founder Jin’s skincare regime, this fuss-free foaming face wash has a low-pH level to suit all skin types and makes the basis of any self-care routine.

An indulgent cleanser: FREE SIORIS Milk Cleanser on orders over £100

For orders over £100, we’ll be popping the Sioris Milk Cleanser into your package. Highly effective yet boasting a gentle 5.5 pH level, it helps to cleanse the skin without stripping it of essential oils. It’s also teeming with vitamins and minerals and has an air-light feel which is the result of being formulated with 61% organic fruit water – derived from Green Plum or Yuzu, picked when in season – giving you the ultimate indulgence when you’re at home.




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Build your own self-care sanctuary
To help boost your spirits and make your social distancing as enjoyable as possible, we’d love to encourage you to build your own self-care sanctuary.
We’re offering you 20% all of our me-time products with code: SELFCARE
Click HERE to shop all our me-time products


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Not sure where to start on your very own set? The above pack of products has everything you need for the perfect night in, or we’ve curated a few pamper packs so that you can shop with a single click.

The stay-home pamper pack
The stay-home pamper pack

 A must-have for sheet mask lovers, this self-care kit is comprised of four of our favourite sheet masks to cover all occasions. From a blemish buster by Aromatica to a moisturising option from Make P:rem, this set will allow you to assess your skin and give it what it needs. Do one before bed, while you work or send a set to a friend and catch-up together while wearing the same sheet mask.

The show-you-care kit

If you’re thinking about your loved ones and looking for a way to cheer them up and show them how much they’re on your mind, send your mum, sister or best friend, this skin-caring set. Featuring the Huxley Hand Cream to hydrate hands that have become parched from too much washing, it also features a multi-tasking face mist and the stress-busting Beaudiani Rose Aroma Mask to help lift their spirits and boost their mood. 

The at-home spa set

Spa at home

Just because you can’t get to your favourite spa, doesn’t mean you have to forgo that safe sanctuary feeling. Create a spa-like vibe in your own bathroom with this de-stressing set.

The date night kit

While you can’t go out for dinner and a movie, you can still make the most of some quality time together. Order your favourite take-out and indulge in a DIY facial with this skin-smoothing, radiance-boosting set. 

The work perk pack

You might not be able to make a cup of tea with your favourite co-worker when your to-do list gets too much, but you can keep this de-stressing set close by for your work from home days. Featuring a cooling face mist, a hydrating hand cream, a foot mask to treat your toes while you type and a face mask, it makes for the perfect way to beautify while you work. We love the stress-busting Beaudiani Sweet Orange Mask which counts orange essential oil amongst its ingredients. Said to relax, calm and lower the pulse rate, while also promoting a clear, smooth and radiant complexion, it’s a perfect pick for these uncertain times. 

Click HERE to shop our pamper packs
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So, during these difficult times when self-care seems more important than ever, we’d encourage you to carve out some time to pay a little more attention and show a little more love to yourself and to others.

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