Zarrine x TONIC15: Garden of Skincare Set (WORTH £99)

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Renowned for her honest, no-frills skincare reviews, you’ve no doubt seen the sentence ‘Zarrine made me do it’ alongside skincare shots or #shelfies. So, who better to piece together products that are designed to be both a delight to use and deliver real results to skin?

 Influenced by her love for gardening and roses, the TONIC15 x Zarrine Garden of Skincare kit takes its cue from the great outdoors and counts several staples the content creator has grown to love during her time in The 15.

From roses, to cacti and propolis to rice, each product has been carefully selected and is inspired by ingredients that can be grown in gardens or in the wild by mother nature.


Zarrine x TONIC15: The Garden of Skincare Set Kit  contains: 





Carefully curated by Zarrine from The 15, this kit takes its cue from her love of gardening to help restore a sense of balance and wellbeing to both skin and mind. From the delightful Huxley Cleansing Gel which has Prickly Pear Seed Oil at its heart to help gently cleanse and nourish skin to the Rose Flower Oil infused Falling Into The Rose Mist, this set will take you on a tour of the great outdoors.