Winter Heroes Set

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Yes, the festive season equals cosy nights, long winter walks and boxset binges but it can also spell seriously bad news for skin. Dryness, dehydration and even flakiness are just a few of the complexion concerns that we face during the colder months, so we’ve put together two staples designed to save the day and replenish skin when it needs moisture the most. A daily skin-conditioning treatment formulated with a high-concentration of antioxidant Chaga mushrooms, the Make P:rem Chaga Concentrate Essence helps re-balance skin. Similarly, the Cicapro Skin is a must-have for when skin is feeling irritated, sore or inflamed. It quickly gets to work by soothing the complexion and restoring the skin back to its best. Use in place of your regular moisturiser when needed.


Our Better Together Set contains:

Make P:rem Chaga Concentrate Essence 200ML

Make P:rem Cicapro Revitalizing Cream 50ML

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Our first line of defence when skin is dry, dehydrated or badly behaved, this pair work perfectly together to breathe life back into winter-worn complexions. Enriched with a medley of nourishing ingredients, not only do they leave skin looking soft and supple, but also help to restore radiance – a must during the cold season.