Donate to The Lebanese Food Bank


We’ve been heartbroken to learn about the devastating explosion in Beirut, where many people have lost their lives, their family and friends, their homes or have been left injured. Our heart goes out to our friends in Lebanon who have been impacted.

We’ve made a donation to Impact Lebanon and also wanted to support The Lebanese Food Bank through Project Care.

The blast in Beirut destroyed grain silos that contained around 85% of the country’s supply. Up to 80% of the country’s food is important, most of it via the port which was destroyed by the explosion.

Food prices had already increased by up to 80% due to the country’s economic crisis and now the explosion has exacerbated these issues and many feat that people who were living in food-scarce households will struggle. Even before the blast, the World Food Programme estimated that 49% of Lebanese people were “worried about access to food.”

The damage at the port as put Lebanon in a critical position but there are ways to help. The Lebanese Food Bank runs feeding programmes that distribute dry food parcels and collect food donations from hotels and restaurants to redistribute it to those who need them.