Piccasso Makeup Mixing Palette

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This sleek and elegant Mixing Palette will help you to become the ultimate makeup artist. The thin, stainless steel board has a circular shape at the bottom to ensure you have the proper grip when blending products. Use it to combine lip colours, eye shadows, concealer and foundation to create the perfect shade for your look.

It's especially ideal for using with the brand's Makeup Spatula so you can pick up just the right amount of base with the special foundation tool. Flip the board over and you'll find a handy mirror, essential for checking your handiwork as you work your makeup magic.

Its slim size makes it the perfect fit for carrying in your handbag or hand luggage when travelling too. You'll truly take your makeup application to a whole new level with this mixing board.


  • Palette: Stainless Steel
  • Pouch: 100% vegan, faux leather


Besides the ease of dropping and mixing formulas to create the ideal shade of foundation, concealer or lippie, it's equally simple to clean and carry - the stainless steel board is both washable and eternally reusable.

We love that it comes in a vegan-friendly faux leather pouch that matches the brand's Makeup Spatula tool too.

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