Piccasso 120 Skincare Brush


Offering a hygienic, hands and mess-free alternative for applying your skin treatments, creams and masks, Piccasso’s synthetic applicator brush is ideal for layering your products into skin in light, even strokes for better product absorption while guaranteeing a smooth and even coverage at the same time. This brilliant brush also helps to minimise product waste thanks to its 100% vegan, synthetic bristles that pick up only the amount of product that’s needed for a thin, even layer of care. We love using it to not only apply our favourite face mask but to remove any excess product too once the treatment is done. This is one tool that needs to be tried and tested to realise how much of a game-changer it is to your skincare application routine. 

Synthetic bristles

Not only does it make your everyday skincare routine feel like a professional facial, but this Piccasso Skincare Brush helps to keep your skin feeling cooler than if you applied your creams, lotions and masks with your hands. Simply, dip the brush into your face product and smooth it onto clean skin, sweeping it from the centre outwards for targeted coverage. 

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