Piccasso 310 Concealer Brush


Brilliant for applying your favourite liquid or cream concealer, Piccasso’s Concealer Brush is designed to allow the most precise product placement, and a truly seamless finish. The flat, angled tip helps conceal those small, hard-to-reach areas with ease while also covering pores, blemishes and under eye circles with pure precision. What’s more, the brush features soft, premium synthetic bristles that work to pick up just the right amount of concealer without absorbing too much product (as can happen with natural hair iterations). The result is the perfect tool for concealing areas with uneven tone and texture with pure precision while also working to blend color into your base for a seamless, airbrushed skin finish overall. 

Synthetic bristles

Piccasso has been the most loved and on trend makeup tool brand in Korea for the past 30 years and their expertise shows in how easy and effortless their tools are to use and create the perfect makeup look. This concealer brush is especially ideal as it’s simply the right size for both disguising hard-to-cover under eye circles as well as blemishes and pigmentation with a natural, diffused effect.  

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