PICCASSO 222 Nose Shading Brush


Piccasso’s range of professional tools are designed to polish and perfect skin with a light touch, so that skin is enhanced not covered up. This Nose Shading Brush exemplifies the brand’s approach to a more natural looking makeup finish. It gets wider towards to the tip so it can cover a wide area evenly. Plus, the diagonal angled tip helps to give a smooth and easy application to ensure a more natural finish. Use the brush to apply contour to the sides of the nose, then wipe the bristles on a clean towel before using the brush to soften and diffuse any edges. The small size means and angled tip means it also doubles as an eye shadow blending brush. 


Both an excellent eye shadow blending brush and a nose contouring tool, this brush is the makeup tool that gives a seamless finish to eyes and nose. We love the small, angled tip for extra precision.

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