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1. I'm From Mugwort Essence 30ml

Formulated with 100% mugwort extract harvest from Ganghwa County in Korea this Mugwort Essence harnesses Mugwort’s natural detoxifying properties, in Korea it is used in a similar way to Tea Tree Oil

2. I'm From Rice Toner 30ml

Created with organic rice grown free from pesticides, this toner moisturizes and brightens skin. While gently getting rid of skin impurities and excess oils, this rice toner effectively rebalances and instantly rejuvenates dry, dull and irritated skin.

3. I'm From Fig Boosting Essence 30ml

Formulated with 62.7% Fig Extract, its lightweight texture is quickly absorbed to effectively hydrated skin. Using the power of BHAs, it gently exfoliates and smooths skin, while also prepping it for the subsequent steps of your skincare regime. 

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