COSRX x TONIC15 Favourites Bundle (Worth £72)


COSRX x TONIC15 Special Bundle 

Whether you’re new to the brand or a seasoned COSRX expert, when it comes to getting clear, smooth skin, this trio of coveted skin heroes is where to start. Cosrx is known for championing multi-step skincare regimes using products with minimal ingredients. You’ll find high-quality, effective botanical extracts in every formula, to help treat and perfect all types of skin concerns. This bundle of products features a gentle yet effective skin-strengthening cleanser, an innovative pore-purger and a balancing moisturiser that’s designed to soothe both sensitive and problematic skin. 



These three cult classics from COSRX are specially-curated to treat congested complexions or skin that’s prone to breakouts and irritations. Not just to be used in your AM routine, the Cleanser is great for prepping skin at night before applying your PM essentials. The Blackhead Power Liquid can be used over your chest and back too if you suffer from congestion in these sensitive areas and we love how the Comfort Cream applies surprisingly matte but packs a serious calming and soothing punch.