ISOI CICAGO Cica Finish Cream 50ml

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Keep your skin feeling hydrated and comfortable with ISOI CICAGO’s Cica Finish Cream, formulated to deliver-day long moisture to extremely sensitive and irritated skin. The nourishing formula is fuelled by Centella Asiatica – a mega-multitasking ingredient that soothes, nourishes, heals and protects – along with a whole host of other hydrating ingredients like Mistletoe Extract, Torilis Japonica (a plant extract) and Sericin (a silk protein), to top up skin’s moisture levels and keep water loss at bay. Added Arbutin and Liquorice extract work to brighten your skin tone at the same time for a fresher, lit-from-within skin finish. The best part? The lightweight, silky texture of this cream acts as a geat primer for makeup – you’ll get a smoother, more even finish of your makeup application with this velvety cream layered underneath.



  • Centella Asiatica (Tiger Grass) extrat for its hydrating, healing and protecting abilities
  • Mistletoe (Viscum Album) Extract to hydrate skin and bolster its protective barrier
  • Sericin to restore the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)
  • Torilis Japonica to soothe and restore the skin barrier while boosting skin’s elasticity too
  • Arbutin and Liquorice extract for their brightening and antioxidant benefits



Not only does this softening, hydrating cream soothe and prevent redness and irritation in hyper-sensitive skin, but its silky finish acts as a great makeup primer – layer it over your entire skincare routine as the last step before applying your makeup in the morning or use it as a base for adding richer, nourishing sleeping masks on top just before you head to bed.

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