TONIC15 x BEAUSSIMA For The Love Of Skin Kit (Worth £128.90)

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At TONIC15, we believe the remedy to our busy, always-on lifestyles is to carve out a little bit of me-time every day. Skincare should be simple, yet effective, and benefit your mind as much as your complexion.

So, we’ve teamed up with Nassima, also known as BEAUSSIMA, from The15, who knows just how important it is to put a self-care practice in place.

Nassima loves the sensory side of skincare – take, for example, the Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet from the kit, which looks, smells and feels heavenly on skin. But products can’t just be fluff or filler, as a busy mum with barely a second to spare in the day, Nassima needs her skincare to put in a serious shift and be as efficacious as it is joyful to use.   

Housed in a keepsake, carry-all kit and taking a gentle approach to skincare, the TONIC15 x @beaussima ‘For the Love of Skin’ edit is all about kind-to-the-complexion ingredients that support the skin’s barrier. Making it suitable for everyone, from those with blemish-prone skin to busy mums-to-be.

Nass believes in the power of beauty giving back, so has decided to give 10% ofthe profits from the sale of the kit to two charities that are close to her heart:

  • Beauty Backedan initiative designed to help keep beauty businesses in the UK that have been hit hard by coronavirus afloat.

  • The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust: one of our long-standing partnerships, which aims to tackle inequity, educate young BIPOC people and create a fairer society for all. We wanted to join and support her, so we’ve decided to match the amounts and will also be donating to both charities

The @beaussima x TONIC15 For The Love Of Skin Kit contains: 




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An edit of some of TONIC15’s all-stars, curated by our very own Nassima from The15, this kit has been perfectly pieced together to bring out the best in skin. Packed with twelve products – some full sized, some sachets and some to take on your travels – from the cult Sioris Time Is Running Out Mist to the new-to-TONIC15 Sun Essence from KEEP COOL, it offers a perfect way to try out some skincare heroes and find some new favourites.