Aromatica Organic Rosehip Oil 30ml


Like a feast for the face, this 100% organic Rosehip Oil works hard to transform dull, tired skin. Nutrient-rich and highly concentrated, it’s crafted from Rosehip Oil cold-pressed from natural Rosehip Fruit grown on the Andes, which has twenty times more Vitamin C, A, B, E and P than a lemon. Nourishing and supremely hydrated, it’s silky, serum-oil texture is readily absorbed by skin to leave it soft and supple. With a weightless finish, it’s suitable for all skin types – including oil and shine-prone complexions. 


  • 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip oil which is vitamin-rich to nourish and hydrate skin


When our skin feels thirsty or less than its best, we turn to this vitamin-rich organic Rosehip Oil from Aromatica. A sort of feast for the face, it quickly nourishes skin to breathe life and vitality back into the complexion. Its weightless feel won’t weigh skin down, making it a must for all skin types – even oily, shine-prone skin.   

Use 2-3 drops alone or in tandem with your favourite serum/moisturiser and gently massage into skin. Follow with cream.

Organic ingredients 100%, Natural ingredients 100%

*Rosa canina fruit oil
*Organic raw material(s)