[SALE] Acropass Spot Eraser, 4 patches

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Looking for a way to treat pigmentation or the dark marks that linger long after your spot has shrunk? Fade them fast with these Spot Erasers from Acropass. By delivering active ingredients straight to skin using its unique Microcone System which gently penetrates skin, they effectively target the skin with fade fighting ingredients such as Arbutin – which helps inhibit melanin production – Vitamin C and Antioxidants. Simply pop the patch on after cleansing and leave on for at least two hours. 


  • Vitamin C to brighten skin and encourage a uniform complexion
  • Arbutin to help prevent the formation of melanin


You don’t have to live with dark marks – these spot erasing blemish patches offer a great way to get target pigmentation and restore uniformity to skin. Arbutin helps to inhibit melanin production while Vitamin C helps to lighten and brighten. Simply smooth on where you need it and let it work its magic.

Step 1: Acropass Skin Cleanser - 4 skin cleansers

Step 2: Acropass Spot Eraser - 4 patches

Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, oxidized glutathione, ascorbic acid, arbutin, aqua, citric acid.