As a full time pharmacist and skincare junkie, beauty has always been Zarrine’s passion. This was ingrained in her at an early age by her mother (aka the ORIGINAL beauty junkie) who in turn was influenced by her mother, who used to trawl the beauty counters at Harrods and Harvey Nichols sampling (and buying!) the luxurious and expensive lotions and potions on offer!

After years of procrastination and with encouragement from friends, Zarrine started her Instagram page to express her love for the products that brought her joy on a daily basis. She was initially eager to turn her expensive hobby into sharing reviews and experiences but discovered a whole new world in the skincare community which would result in lasting friendships and opportunities to attend exciting meet-ups and events.

K-Beauty first came into Zarrine’s world after dabbling with sheet masks but her interest was really sparked after she had the pleasure of meeting Jin for the first time at a blogger meet up and trying the goody bag she received. This started her love affair with Korean skincare and TONIC15. She truly enjoyed the TONIC15 X Suitcase collaboration as every product epitomised the effectiveness and simplicity of K-Beauty. She feels that TONIC15 is a revelation to her and an opportunity to explore brands unknown to her.

Besides sitting in front of her dressing table, you can find Zarrine gardening, which she finds therapeutic and relaxing, not to mention satisfying when things actually grow! Fingers crossed for her first crop of Thai pink egg tomatoes!


Zarrine's Favourites