Nassima is a teacher and mother of one born in Morocco but living in London. She’s always had a skincare routine but got into serious skincare in her early 20s when she started to suffer from stress related adult acne. She went on a 2 year old journey of trial and error and finally found what worked best for her skin. She currently runs a newly launched website but most of her content on her Instagram page @beaussima. She started this page to share her skin journey with others and try to help others in the same situation as she was in and it continued from there.

Nassima is obsessed with all things beauty and loves learning about new products and innovations in the beauty world. Nassima came across K-Beauty back in 2011/12 when it was all the rage in the UK but due to lack of knowledge, did not understand much of it so did not use K-Beauty past sheet masks. In 2019, she discovered TONIC15 and everything changed. K-Beauty is now part of her daily skincare routine. Asides from beauty, she loves cooking and generally loves being a mum to baby Leila.


Nassima's Favourites