This year might have grounded our travel plans and put paid to plotting out our next adventure, but you can still get that vaycay feeling from your front room with some carefully selected skincare and self-care staples

This year hasn’t been easy for anyone. While we’d usually think ‘I need a holiday when overwhelm hits, with one of our favourite ways to take-a-break largely out of bounds – as lockdown restricts all but essential travel – getting some respite and reprieve has been a little trickier to achieve.

Just because you can’t step onto a plane or book a weekend away doesn’t mean it’s impossible to escape the ordinary. Okay, so you might not be able to jet off to warmer climes right this second but you can bring the holiday feeling home with the right skincare and regime.

Here’s how to get that two-weeks-in-the-sun feeling without stepping foot out of the house…


One of the best bits of prepping for a holiday is stocking up on shrunken size skincare that’ll fit in your carry-on or travel case.

One of our favourite things about being abroad with a more relaxed regime is having a little longer to spend on your skincare. After all, why rush when the day’s agenda involves little more than sun, sea and sangria. All of that extra rest and relaxation also makes holidays the perfect time try out something you wouldn’t usually use back home.

Not only is there something seriously cute about pocket-sized pots – miniatures are also a great way to try before you buy (a full-sized product).

While we have a plethora of 100ml or less minis, we’ve also worked together with SUITCASE Magazine to curate the perfect holiday haven set filled to the brim with travel-sized treats to give you that holiday feeling at home.

A collection of eleven specially selected products – some cult classics and some new-to-TONIC15 brands – the TONIC15 x SUITCASE | Carry on K-beauty Kit is teeming with skincare, body and haircare saviours to give you a holiday-style mood boost.

From Huxley’s Moroccan Gardener Body Wash to Aromatica’s Root Enhancer and even the freshly launched Gesgep Bare Cream, BEIGIC Regenerating Oil, and Acropass Trouble Cure Micro-Needle Acne Patch, you’ll find product upon product to give you those much-needed holiday feels at home.


Another way to get those vacation vibes at home is to turn your bathroom into a spa-throom. After all, is there anything better than stepping out of a bath filled with bubbles and into a hotel-style fluffy white gown with a glass of fizz?

Create a zen-sational space at home with the TONIC15 x Jasmine Talks Beauty Self-care kit. Worth £97 but retailing at just £63, this terrific time-out set curated by @jasminetalksbeauty has everything you need to go from ‘ahh’ to ‘spa’ in the comfort of your own home.

Start by lighting the Huxley Moroccan Gardener Candle, then whisk off your makeup with the I’m From Fig Cleansing Balm which leaves skin feeling soft, supple and cared-for. Smooth on the hydrating I’m From Honey Mask – it’s a favourite of our founder Jin as well as Jasmine who swear by it for keeping her winter skin at bay and then settle into the tub.

Then, gently rinse and pat skin dry before soaking a cotton pad in the BEIGIC Treatment Lotion. Then move onto the rest of your skincare regime.

The other non-negotiable for getting that holiday feeling at home? Smoothing on the Huxley Body Oil from the set. Laced with the brand’s signature Moroccan Gardener scent, it quickly soothes the senses and transports you to a balmy garden in North Africa.


We’re not sure whether it’s the major dose of zen that comes with doing nothing, the sun or the fresh fruit we seem to gravitate to on holiday, but we always come back with a better complexion than we jetted off with.

If you want to recreate that good-to-glow look back in Blighty, a mask is a sure-fire solution. Formulated with antioxidant-rich Matcha from the Jeju Islands, which is teeming with Amino Acids, Vitamins and Polyphenol to relieve and replenish skin, the Dr. Ceuracle Jeju Matcha Clay Mask gives that holiday feeling a pot.

Helping to restore radiance in dull, ageing and dehydrated complexions, it’s also been formulated with Natural Clay, which is rich in Caolin, Bentonite and Beatine to de-clog pores and refine the skin’s surface. Skin is left smoother, refined and clear and with an enviable healthy appearance.

We also adore the brand’s Ganghwa Granule Pack which gives that sunkissed, glowy effect from the very first use.

Fuelled by Rice Extract, that’s fermented and ripened over 100 hours for an impressive anti-ageing effect, the pack has also been enriched with Rice Powder, Job’s Tear’s Powder and Rice Hull powder to gently exfoliate and regulate sebum levels, as well as hydrating, brightening and smoothing skin.


The way you smooth on sun cream top-to-toe on holiday and come back with noticeably softer skin? Well, you can give yourself the same care and attention at home this winter with some beautiful body care.

Not only does pampering yourself top-to-toe give the sense of relaxation and encourage mindfulness – especially if you take the time to slowly massage your products in – but it’ll help get your skin in great shape, especially if you use an indulgent body oil enriched with skin-nurturing ingredients.

We’ve already professed our love for the Huxley Body Oil that comes in the the SUITCASE x TONIC15 set mentioned above but it also comes in a full-sized bottle hat you can buy on its own and is perfect for nurturing just-showered skin.

Our other top pick for that staycation sensation? The BEIGIC Replenishing Body Oil which is without doubt the equivalent of a holiday in a bottle. Boasting a lightweight, oil-tonic texture, thirsty skin quickly drinks up its nourishing ingredients without ever feeling greasy or weighed down.

A blend of twelve precious botanical oils including Green Coffee Bean Oil and Vitamin E help to reboot skin with much-needed vitamins and fatty acids to visibly firm and tone the skin – not to mention getting it gorgeously glowing and healthy-looking.

So, while we can’t sail to distance shores just this second, we can definitely get that jet set outlook from the comfort of our own homes. All you need are some minis, to set aside some time for self-care and give yourself a bit of top-to-toe TLC.

We would love to see your staycay set-ups from home. Whether that’s a face mask and a margherita or a bath surrounded by candles, make sure to show us yours! Use the hashtag #HolidayAtHome and don’t forget to tag us with your pics at @TONIC15.

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